School Motto
Challenge each student to develop intellectual independence, creativity and curiosity


A Wonderful Environment Where Children Can Learn And Grow.

We at Little Legends child Care Center believe that learning should be fun in order to be successful. When children are provided a safe environment and given the opportunity to learn through self-initiated and teacher directed activities in small and large groups, they learn through experimentation, inquiry and exploration by actively discovering concepts at their own pace. Our programs support the child’s intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth and encourage the continued growth and education of families and staff.

Our Team
Glenda Mulla
Campus Manager-Roma

She believes that each child should be provided with a safe environment and given an equal opportunity to receive an education.

Louise Essa Dinalah
 She loves children and is passionate about seeing the whole child developed and trained into mature responsible adolescents.
Lilly Mpundu
Campus Manager-Acacia
She enjoys being a part of raising a generation of Legends to be smart; kind & competent adults with admirable character.
Our Services 

To best serve the needs of your children, our services are divided into four individualized programs: infants, toddler’s, pre-schooler’s and primary school. We believe  children thrive with continuity and so we assign our teaching staff to specific classrooms and age groups. Our professionals provide continuous personal interaction, meaningful learning activities, supervision and immediate care to maximize children’s learning and well-being.

Toddler Daycare
Our Toddler program allows for children to learn at their own pace through active interactions with adults, peers and relevant concrete/hands-on materials in a multi-cultural and non-sexist environment.
Lower PreSchool
Our Mixed Age classrooms offer a program that meets the needs of a wide range of children’s abilities and developmental levels. Learning is individualized. Children in a mixed age group have the chance to learn from older children and to help younger children.
Primary School

Little Legends Primary is a diverse community of learners that strives for excellence; values individuality; fosters a passion for learning; promotes the balanced development of mind, body, and character; encourages service; and instills a respect for others.

Upper PreSchool
Our Upper Preschool program offers first grade readiness for children closer in age and ability, and enables the class as a whole to work together on skills and concepts.
Our Approach To Education
We whole-heartedly love each child who joins our community and believe that in order for us to help them reach their true potential, a sincere partnership with their parents and our staff needs to take place. In this, trust grows and breeds amazing results.
Showing our passion for play in our commitment to crafting opportunities for creative and imaginative activity, both ‘just for fun,’ and to reinforce education, we celebrate our love for life with child-like joy and wonder.projects. We believe early childhood is a unique time of life and we celebrate the joy and wonder young children bring to learning. We want children to develop a love of learning and a strong foundation for academic and social success.
FAMILY Fanatics
It is important to us that all our families feel comfortable, included and valued. Our team is dedicated to respect the cultural differences between families and celebrate the similarities that make us belong together. The family is a child’s biggest fan, which makes us the family’s biggest fan
We are crazy-committed to structure. Our daily routines, curriculum, and open communication between parents and teachers all help maintain consistency between home and the school which is important for child development, breeds self-confidence, trust and independence.
We love children and we use our hands in service, to show our hearts. We hold ourselves to a very high standard in our words, appearance and actions, with no excuses, because we believe strongly that this communicates we value those we serve.


Mavis Chikwanda

I like their statement of faith, ideal curriculum as well as the multicultural nature is a big plus especially in this information age of the 21st century.

Sipho Tembo

I love LLCC because it is well organized and my child has really advanced in his cognitive skills.

Sid Karim
Rayna’s Mom

I love the way the staff of Little Legends carry themselves. They are very loving and happy people. The place has a wonderful learning environment. I love that the children are constantly taught how to carry themselves even at home. It makes us parents so at ease when they are here at LLCC to know that they are looked after so well. Thank you!.

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